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USA 1944 s Silver Half Dollar Coin

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Rifle Association Medal Pte J Denyar 74159 2nd Devons
Reverse reads: Army Rifle Association British Armies in France
For the skill with the Rifle Pte J Denyar 74159 2nd Devons

White metal in box of issue

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Dollar Academy In Original Box of Issue
Reverse reads: Standard Medal (Senior) J.R. Kennedy 1938 High Jump 440 yds (record) Shot 120 Yds Hurdle (recorded)

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Independence Medal For Argentina 1816 -1916
Centenario De La Independence Argentina

Marked near top of the ring possible silver

Code: 51846Price: 35.00 GBP

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Messina Earthquake Miniature Medal

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The Bombay Art Society 1913 Medalllion
This medallion is silver although not tested and measures 50mm

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Credit Foncier Egyptien Brass Plaque 1880 - 1930
This plaque measures 105mm in diameter

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College Of Physicians & Surgeons Bronze Medallion
This Columbia University Medallion is made from Bronze and measures 70mm in diameter.
Reverse reads: Two Hundredth Anniversary 1767 1967
Medal Maker: New York Bronze Abram Belskie

Code: 50281Price: 20.00 GBP

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Hudson's Bay Company Medallion
This medal was created to commemorate The Hudson's Bay Company on its 300th anniversary 2nd May 1970! It was presented to the proprietors and staff.

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Inter Theatre of War Championship Eygpt Silver Medallion
Reverse reads Cross Country Winning Team Egypt 2722 Sepoy Khanmono 7th Punjabis 28th April.

Diameter 50mm

Code: 50061Price: 75.00 GBP

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