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Four King's Crown Officers Pips

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Blazer Button Sample Portfoilio of J R Gaunt & Sons
This interesting cardboard book of sample buttons would have accompanied the J R Gaunt & Sons sales rep on his travels for customers to see examples of buttons which they could have made
All the prices are in old shillings & pence as depicted in the picture
The book measures 130mm X 220mm please note is quite worn in some places due to the nature of its age

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Four Enamell Military Buttons
These four military buttons are made in Paris the back reads
Paris B&C 22M
They all measure 22mm please note some of the backs are quite worn due to the nature of their age

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RAF Cufflinks Base Metal

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6 X Cinque Ports Volunteer Buttons
These 6 Uniform buttons are in lovely condition.
The reverse shows: Hobson & Sons 3&5 Lexington St
Diameter: 20mm

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6 x Inniskilling Fusilier Buttons

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