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WW1 Shoulder Title Q.O.O.H.

Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars

Code: 51372

18.00 GBP

Title KRR

King's Royal Rifles

Code: 51008


T Title 5th Bedford

Please note one of the lug fixings on the reverse is missing

Code: 50839

18.00 GBP

Manchester Title

Code: 50821

15.00 GBP

WW1 Title CLB

Chuch Lads Brigrade please note this is a tad tarnished due to the nature of its age

Code: 50803


Shrewsbury OTC School Title

Code: 50477


Chigwell OTC School Titles

Code: 50263


Officer Kings African Rifles Cap Badge & Titles

Code: 50265


T. Title OTC Inns of Court

Code: 50007

15.00 GBP

Title - Worcestershire Reg

Code: 50010