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Festival of Britain Regatta Medallions 1951 In original box of issue

One of box's it is quite old worn due to the nature of its age

Code: 54015

80.00 GBP

Miniature The Queens Medal for Champion Shots of the Air Force E2

Please note the back has been engraved

Code: 53802


George 111 Coin 1768 In Memory Of The Good Old Days ‘guinea’ Gaming Token

Code: 53773

8.00 GBP

Ilford Jubilee Medallion June 29th 1887 Queen Vic In ordinal box of issue

Code: 53752


Daily Mirror 1903-1963 Medallion in box of issue

Reverse reads: Chairman of the Daily Mirror1951-53
Cecil Harmsworthking

Code: 53660

40.00 GBP

Long Service Award Medal 1927-1942 John Chimpango

Reverse reads:
Long Service Medal 15 Years Africa Organisation
The imperial tobacco company of great Britain and Ireland Limited

Code: 53659

48.00 GBP

Bayonet Fighting Sapper Pendant

Code: 53613


Friends of the reserve Medallion in original box of issue

Hallmarked Silver Medallion measures 60mm Diameter

Code: 53605

110.00 GBP

The Lusitania (German) Medal In original box of issue with certificate

Code: 53616

45.00 GBP

Commemorate St Stephens Church 1857 July 2nd 1907

St Stephens Church, Bow, London
Reverse reads: Vicars Rev: R Parnell, J. Fletcher, T.R. Lawrence, J.P Thompson, H.A. Mason

Code: 53527

40.00 GBP