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Victorian Leather Portrait Photograph

60mm x 70mm

Code: 53901

80.00 GBP

Army Decimal Notes

Job Lot Military Bank Notes. Excellent possibly mint condition. They look uncirculated.

Code: 53916

50.00 GBP

Vintage Original Boots Frame

Code: 53865


Frame Topped with an Royal Field Artillery Badge Housing A officer

Code: 53874


Tank Corp Orignal Hard Back with Citatiions & Roll of Honour

Code: 53866

20.00 GBP

Prayer Book Chrisitan Knowledge

Code: 53869

15.00 GBP

WW2 N.A.A..F.I Programme for E.N.S.A. for H.M.Forces

The old Vic theatre company - Directors John Burrell, Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson in William Shakespeare's Richard The Third

Code: 53864

220.00 GBP

21st London Reg Rushmore Photo August 1928

800mm long

Code: 53832

60.00 GBP

British Association Wreaths Catalogue & Order form Cap M Cockerell

Code: 53818

30.00 GBP

26 Vintage Photographs of Egypt

Code: 53814