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WW1 British Red Cross Society Medal

Code: 53907


Red Cross Arm Band

Code: 53919

40.00 GBP

Glasgow Red Cross Nursing Badge 1914-1919

Code: 53873

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Serving Brother B.R.C St John of Jerusalem Miniature - In Box of issue

Code: 53850


Group of 3 Red Cross Medals - Named Samuel Dickenson

For War Service
Long & Efficient Service Medal
Proficiency Red Cross Aid

Code: 53790

130.00 GBP

The Australian Red Cross Society Badge

Code: 53787

12.00 GBP

Group of 5 Medals to Redcross Society- Named to 24044 P. Tilley

First Medal : Proficiency First Aid 5 Bars
2nd Medal: Proficenct in Anti Gas Training
3rd Medal: Red Cross For Merit
4th 3 Years Long Service - 3 Year Bar
5th County of Lincoln Redcross Medal

Code: 53519


St Johns Ambulance Brigrade Serving Bro Medal

Code: 53152

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British Red Cross Society Medal for War Service, 1914-18

Code: 53140

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East london Vintage Photo St Johns Ambhulance Brigade

This picture could be late 20's -30's
Reverse reads: Frank Willis Walthamstow E17

Photograph measures 155mm x 210mm
Cardboard Mount Measures 300mm x 250mm ...
Please note the mount is quite worn due to the nature of its age

Code: 53077

15.00 GBP