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Chemical Union Workers Badge with a lapel fixing

Code: 53663

18.00 GBP

National Union of Teachers Shoreham Dist

Hallmarked Silver

Code: 53587


National Union of Gasworkers & General Labourers East Coast District Pendant

Code: 53538


Transort and General Workers Union Shop Steward Enamel Badge with Lapel fixing

Code: 52741

25.00 GBP

WW1 North Herts Unionist Association Brass Badge fashioned into a Sweetheart

Code: 52731

7.00 GBP

National Union of Printing Bookbinding Machine Ruling Paper Workers Badge

Code: 52733

48.00 GBP

A.S. of L.E. & F. Hither Green Branch Loyal Member Badge 1933-1993

This badge is made from enamel and silver and is Hallmarked Silver

Code: 52584


Unity C.H.B. League Enamel Badge with pin fixing

Code: 51946


The Workers Union

This badge is made from base metal and enamel please note there are a few chinks in the enamel
It has a lapel fixing & is made by saville mayes Rd Woodgreen London

Code: 51555


Unity is Strength National Union of General & Municipal Workers Badge

This badge is made from base metal and enamel with a lapel fixing

Code: 51554

35.00 GBP