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Vintage Albion Enamel Badge

Code: 53540

15.00 GBP

R.A.C. Lapel Enamel Badge

Please note this has been converted into a lapel badge

Code: 53018

15.00 GBP

London Transport Badge

Code: 53033


National Union of Railwaymen

Code: 52934

25.00 GBP

Corporation Tramways 3809 Badge

Code: 52804


Car Wheel Hat Pin 1909

Reg No: 556127
Hallmarked Chester 1909 -10
Maker: Arthur Johnson Smith

Code: 52435

125.00 GBP

Polish Railway Operational Group Shield 1942-1945

This Shield Measures 55mm x 75mm
Reverse reads: Presented From Polish R Ly Op Group
Gilbana 1942-1945

Code: 52096


Porters Badge Liverpool Street No. 161

This has a lug back fixing

Code: 52001

120.00 GBP

National Union of Railwaymen Fob

Reverse reads: Workers of the World Unite

Code: 51771

70.00 GBP

German Stick Pin for Opal

This Pin measures 40mm

Code: 51496

20.00 GBP