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The Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company Ltd 1901

Presented to Condr H Eyes For Loyalty

Code: 54005


Crompton Parkinson 15 years Long Service Badge

Reverse reads: Presented to E.C. Tebbell 1940 Hallmarked Silver

Code: 52955

40.00 GBP

Bournemouth Gas & Water Company Long Service 25 Years Service

Reverse reads: 1899 H.E.J. Wills 1924
Medal & Bar Hallmarked Silver in original box of issue

Code: 52282


25 Years Service Ford

Hallmarked Silver 1942 & measures 15mm with a lapel fixing

Code: 51552


Two N.C.B. Mines Rescue Service Medals

First Medal: 10 years service in silver
Reverse reads: W. Cooke Hallmarked Silver
Second Medal: 5 Years service in bronze
Reverse reads: W. Cooke 1952

Code: 51470

180.00 GBP

Birmingham Safety Council Long Service Bar In Orignal Box of Issue

Bars read:
Birmingham Safety First Council Ninth Year Award
Birmingham Safety First Council Eight Year Award
Birmingham Safety First Council Seventh Year Award
Birmingham Safety First Council Sixth Year Award

The Reverse of the medal reads: with year award presented to H. E. Payton 1933 hallmarked silver
Please note the box is now in to parts due to the nature of its age

Code: 51397


For Long Service L.B.Ld Badge Old Kent Road Factory 1923

This badge has a lapel fixing and measures 25mm X 35mm Hallmarked Silver

Code: 51317

25.00 GBP

Thomas Guy Founder of Guys Hospital 1720 Unnamed For Long Service

The reverse reads: Medal Instituted By Joshua. W. Butterworth F.S.A.A. Governor 1889

Please note there are a few doinks in the medal due to the nature of its age especially on the nose of the bust

Code: 51021


Fords Long Service Badge in Original Box

Code: 50570


South Eastern Gas Board Long Service Bade with Lapel Fixing

Code: 50232