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Bronze Chinese Shooting Award Embossed C.F.R.M in original box of issue Lane Silversmith Hong Kong

Code: 53852

140.00 GBP

Surrey Riffle Association Pendant Unnamed Hallmarked Silver

Code: 51924

40.00 GBP

Shooting Medal A & S.H - 1889 1st R.V.B.

Won by Pte R McDougall 1889 Sea Company 1st R.V.B
A & S.H.

Code: 51844


The Army Riffle Association Medal

Code: 51529

15.00 GBP

5 Medals 32nd Guards Brigrade Rifle Meeting 1954

Reverse of medals left to right
32 GDS BDE Rifle Meeting 1954, 3rd Infantry Division 1952 Match IV C.O.M.S J.DIX B.E.M, 32 GDS BDE Rifle Meeting 1954,The Royal Irish Cup 2nd 1954, 32 GDS BDE Rifle Meeting 1954.

Code: 50958

40.00 GBP

Shooting Medal Pte Thomas F Company 5th Haytor VB Devon Reg 1886

Reverse reads: Private Thomas F.Company 5 Haytor VB DP 1886
Please note there is a slight dent on one of the orbs

Code: 50862

40.00 GBP

London & Middlesex Riffle Association Medal 14th London Reg

Reverse: Engraved 1938 PH Zizilger Pte The London Scottish

Code: 50868

20.00 GBP

British Rifle Asscociation Great Eastern Railway Badge

This badge reads. G.E.R Mechanics Institution Rifle Club
it is made from base metal and enamel with a slide fixing & measures 35mm X 20mm

Code: 50777


American Shooting Badge

This badge is made from base metal and enamel and has a pin fixing and measures 75mm with two lapel fixings

Code: 50760

35.00 GBP

Army Rifle Association Medallion in box of issue

The medallion reads: The Army Rifle Association
Medal maker: B Ninnes Goldsmith HYTHL

Code: 50734

15.00 GBP