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Medal of Honour awarded by the Daily Sketch

Code: 54051


St Andrews Society of Tientsin Silver Badge

Code: 53997

70.00 GBP

London Mail Holiday Club 1913 Members Badge 64804

Code: 53953

15.00 GBP

National Society of Operative Printers with Committee Bar Badge

maker Fattorini

Code: 53881


National Society of Operative Printers & Assistants with Executive Council Bar Badge

Badge Maker Fattorini

Code: 53882


England For Ever R.N. Fob

Code: 53756

18.00 GBP

London Transport Badge

Code: 53732

15.00 GBP

Governors Lady Badge

Code: 53725


Gurkha Badge with a pin fixing

Code: 53724


Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Badge with pin fixing

Number 31702 on reverse

Code: 53713