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Chiang Kai Shek Image On A Badge Made In Peru 925 Silver

Code: 53502

60.00 GBP

Paris Badge

Code: 52909

55.00 GBP

Crufts Dog Show Judge Badge

Please note someone has scored 1978 on the reverse

Code: 52857

30.00 GBP

The Golden Retreivers Club Badge with a pin fixing

Code: 52784


Desire The Right Falkland Islands Badge

This badge has a pin fixing

Code: 52158

15.00 GBP

Junior Bird League Enamel Badge with a pin fixing

Code: 51248


British Union Abolition of Vivisection

This badge is made from base metal and enamel with a pin fixing and measures 22mm

Code: 51046

25.00 GBP

West Pier Brighton

Base metal and enamel with a pin fixing

Code: 51058


K.A.S Badge

Base metal and enamel badge with Lapel fixing & measures 30mm - 10mm
Badge Maker: Alexander Clarke Ltd B'ham

Code: 50831


International Congress Anti Vivisection July 6 . 10 1909

The reverse reads: Anti Vivisection Animal Protection Sweden 1900 Great Britian 1909
Mesures 40mm x 20mm

Code: 50731