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Royal National Lifeboat Institution Badge Kings Crown

Code: 53161


H F B Brass Badge with a lug fixing please note there is no pull

Code: 52870


Fire Watcher Badge

Code: 52351

24.00 GBP

Inter-District 1933 Fireman I.L. Goodman Hand Pump Medals

Code: 52188


Co-Operative Wholesale Society Ltd Fire Brigade Medal 1926

Code: 51610


H.M Coast Guard Coast Life Saving Badge

This badge is made from base metal and enamel with a lapel fixing

Code: 51562

30.00 GBP

Royal Lifesavings Society Medal 1910 W.S King-Hall Future M.P & Baron

Lt W S R King-Hall Served Royal Navy WW1, King-Hall was an author (North sea diary 1914-18) Researcher to the royal institute of National affairs researching tanks, Land Mines, Land Mine Fields and Submarines and was an MP entering into the house of Commons 1939, MP Ormskirk for Labour, he later changed to stand as independent and lost his seat to the future prime minster Howard Wilson in the 1945 General Election. He was later given the title as Baron.

Code: 51503

70.00 GBP

Courage et Dévouement Membre d'honneur Federation Nationale des Sapeurs Pompiers Francais

Code: 51337


Vintage Chigo 2 Fire Dept Badge

This badge measures 45mm X 35mm with a pin fixing

Code: 51246

80.00 GBP

Presented by Eton Urban District Council 5 yrs Fire Service

Hallmarked Silver 1901 Birmingham

Code: 50956