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Marshall Islands 1991 $10 Legendary Aircraft Collection 24 Ww2 Ten Dollar Coin

This item is in mint condition

Code: 54045

285.00 GBP

Apollo 11 1st Lunar Landing Medal

Code: 53915

25.00 GBP

Group of Shooting Medallion Medals Original Box of Issue

2 x Silver
2x Bronze
3 of the medallions are named LIEUT W.S. MacKenzie one of which is dated 1934

Code: 53351

150.00 GBP

Surrey County Golf Union in Box of Issue Hallmarked Silver

County Championship West Hill Brookwood 1932
2nd Place

Code: 53352


Churchill Centenary Picture Medals

A whole rash of commemorative medallions were issued after the death of the great man in 1965, and a further few on the centenary of his birth in 1974. These medallions vary greatly in size and quality. Some are very impressive, being struck in a large size, and with high relief giving great detail. This medallion is one of the most unusual we have seen. not only is it an attractive medal struck in 22 ct. gold, on solid sterling silver.
The two halves form a precise push fit, and together they house a collection of 13 miniature coloured prints, plus a further pair of paper "medallions", one each in the inside of the front and rear halves of the box.,

ONLY 500

Please note there are some damp spots on the inside of the box due to the nature of its age

Code: 52715

125.00 GBP

C.M.G Presentation Box by Spink & Son Ltd

This box measure 160mm x 90mm

Code: 52066


The Stock Exchange 1972 Silver Medallion in original box of issue

Maker: John Pinches London

Named Godfrey Barnsley

Code: 52072


2 Masonic medals

Code: 51998

15.00 GBP

Worshipful Company of Fruiters Silver Medallion

This medallion measures 50mm.

Code: 51935


United Patriots National Benefit Society of Great Britain

LONDON, United Patriots National Benefit Society of Great Britain (Inst. 1843), a silver Directors’ medal, unsigned, arms and supporters, rev. for the interest taken by him in the prosperity of the society, etc, Hallmarked Silver Birmingham 1927

Code: 51451

150.00 GBP